Dinners From Mexico

La Siesta Dinners From Mexico

Two Enchiladas :

  • Salsa Roja, Salsa Verde, Salsa Suiza or Salsa Mole

Enchiladas And Sope:

Two Enchiladas Rancheras:

  • With (beef or chicken), Sour cream & Guacamole

Enchiladas And Tostada :

Two Grilled Fish, Shrimp Or Beer Battered Fish Tacos:

  • Grilled with spices

Two Carnitas, Asada Or Al Pastor Tacos:

Two Fajita Tacos:

  • (Beef or Chicken)

Large Burrito And Taco:

Large Burrito And Enchilada:

Large Wet Burrito:

  • Covered with cheese
  • Asada, carnitas, verde, colorado or chicken

Chile Verde Or Colorado:

  • Tortillas

Create Your Own:

  • Taquitos, flautas, enchilada, taco (Beef or Chicken) Chile relleno or tamale
  • Any One Item
  • Any Two Items
  • Any Three Items

Grilled Chicken, Al Pastor Carnitas Or Carne Asada By The Pound:

  • Garnish, guacamole and tortillas included Soups or salads not included
  • 1 Lb
  • 2 Lb
  • Bowl Of Rice And Beans